Why You Shouldn’t Avoid a Brake Repair Service In Wangara 

The quality of your vehicles brakes can mean the difference between life and death. Even if your car is only experience a ‘slight’ reduction in stopping power, the consequences of a faulty brake system can be fatal. At Wheels of Wanneroo, our brake repairs and new brake pads keep Wangara drivers safe.

We’re conveniently located in the Wangara region and have a complete workshop for all your brake repair needs. If you need new brake pads, callipers, cylinders, or your rotors need machining – we offer a complete brake repair service for Wangara motorists.

Our Services

  • Complete Brake and Clutch Inspection – We use precise measurement software to assess your vehicle’s braking performance. We quality check your disc rotors, brake callipers, cylinders and wheel alignment – anything that’s relevant to the safety of your vehicle
  • Upfront Quote and Report – After assessing your vehicle, we analyse the results and take you through our recommended procedure. We tell you what problems are currently there and what issues that may occur in the future. And we give you a written estimate for our services.
  • Disc Rotor Machining – When your brakes activate, the disc rotors are the metallic plates your pads make contact with to stop your vehicle. We use precise machinery to smoothen the disc rotor’s surface which greatly improves the efficiency of your braking. This service greatly increase the life expectancy of both the rotor’s and the pads themselves.
  • Brake Pad Replacement – Any faulty brake pads in Wangara are replaced with brand new ones. We have a huge selection of brake pads to suit most vehicle-types, which are supplied by reputable brands like Bendix and Ferodo.
  • Vehicle Road Test – Our technicians do a quick road test to make sure your new brakes are properly calibrated. You only get your vehicle back once we’re sure it’s safe for the road!

Request Your Appointment Now!

At Wheels of Wanneroo, we offer you a professional and friendly service at an affordable costs. Our brake repairs let Wangara drivers travel safely around the local area, with the confidence of knowing they’re safe from potential danger.

Contact (08) 9409 8182 to book your brake service appointment with us. We’re open Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday 8am – 12pm.

For any other enquiries about new brake pads in Wangara, contact wowwan@arach.net.au or fill out our online enquiry form here