Tyres in Landsvale – Fitted and Ready to Drive Away!

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just need to get from ‘A to B’, Wheels of Wanneroo have a massive range of tyres in Landsvale.

We fit your new tyres right here in our shop. Once you’ve chosen the perfect set of tyres for you, simply kick back and we’ll take care of the rest! Want to buy your car tyres online in Landsvale? We’ll be happy to fit them once they’re ready for pick-up

How Do I Know If I Need New Tyres?

Take a look at your tyres tread pattern and look for signs of wearing out or unevenness. If your tread is worn beyond the recommend depth level, it may be time for a replacement. Other signs of a recommend tyre change include:

  • Tread is becoming shallow and losing its in-depth contours
  • Driving is gradually becoming ‘rougher’ over time, steering is becoming more sensitive
  • Unexplainable vibrations or other disturbances
  • Punctures or bumps in the sidewall
If you discover any of these warning signs, we recommend you buy new car tyres in Landsvale.

Superior Sports Performance

Our tyres give you the smoothest and most comfortable ride anywhere you go. The sophisticated tread pattern gives you maximum grip in dry and wet conditions. Its precise grooves rapidly drain excess moisture in wet conditions and keeps you in total control throughout your journey

Besides keeping you safe in the harshest elements, you’ll enjoy superior braking performance even in the toughest conditions.

And with lower rolling resistance, you can reduce any wasted energy and improves your fuel economy by up to 15 percent.

Off Road Tyres

Our 4wd and SUV tyres are designed to keep you in control wherever you go. They provide excellent performance in wet and dry conditions including muddy terrain, snow, gravel and dirt.

With their thick profile and intelligent design, you’ll enjoy reduced noise and improved rolling resistance too.

When driving through the winding hills of WA, our all-terrain off road tyres in Landsvale keep you in control. The reinforced carcass improves hill climbing and provides total braking control for navigating down steep hills. With the reinforced tread gauge, your vehicle will avoid internal damage and sustain any impacts from off-road driving.

Fitted and Ready to Drive Away!

After choosing your brand new set of tyres in Landsvale, you won’t have to find a mechanic to finish the job. Our experienced team perform fitting right here at our shop. You can enjoy your new set of tyres straight away.

We also provide a range of services in our workshop including:

  • Wheel balancing
  • Brake fitting
  • Wheel alignment and balancing
  • General servicing

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Visit our shop at Unit 2 / 11 Prindiville Drive, Wangara WA 6065 to discover our huge range of tyres.

Contact (08) 9409 8182 to speak to our friendly staff about any of our products or services.